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E-bike Test Ride to Hypertherm

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Today was my first time using an E-Bike and it was a surprisingly fun experience. 

My previous bike experience has been with mountains bikes as a teenager and road bikes for the past several years. 

I am used to smaller harder seats, thinner tires, smaller handle bars, no suspension and having lots of gears to adjust power. 

My introduction to the Model S E-Bike from Electric Bike Company out of Newport Beach California took about 10 minutes and I was off. 

With only one gear it took some getting used to but with the assistance from the electric motor it made for a very comfortable ride. 

This bike has 5 power settings which are very easily adjusted with a switch controlled by your left thumb and a throttle control with your right thumb. 

I went roughly 9 miles up and down steep hills and windy roads. 

With the assist on and depending on what level it was set for determined how much assistance it would give the rider based on their cadence.

The handle bars are long and sweeping back allow the rider to sit straight up on the seat which is much wider and more comfortable than normal road bike seats. 

At level 3 pedaling up hills was still a tough climb being there was only one gear and the seat position will not allow for a full leg extension. 

But the assistance give enough additional power to allow a tough but manageable climb.  At level 5 the assistance was amazing. 

The steepest hill I climbed at level 5 assistance kept me at a 12mph speed.  On my road bike in the easiest gear I can only hold 6mph on this same hill. 

The hydraulic disc brakes where very strong and very smooth allowing for a fast, comfortable and controlled stop. 

The ride took 25 minutes and still left me feeling like I got a good workout yet was not super taxing on my legs. 

Using the throttle to assist with hills, taking off from a stop or to just allow your legs to take a break was great. 

All in all this was a very nice bike that allowed for a smooth enjoyable trip. 

For a person of any age looking to commute within a 10 mile radius of their home to save money on gas and wear on their vehicle this is a great alternative. 

Hope this write up will help you with your business Doug. 

Thank you again for letting me try out your bike. 

Thank you John for reaching out to me to help out with this opportunity. 


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