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Consumer Credit

Provides consumer loans through many companies that sell e-bikes, such as Giant, Rad Power Bikes and VanMoof to name just a few, in the category "Fitness and Gear". The loan terms tend to be around 15% for up to 5 years, but are sometimes as low as 0% for shorter term loans.

Klarna is a shopping app that offers consumer loans as well as rewards programs for shopping at companies that sell e-bikes, such as Best E-Bike Store, or Oregon E-Bikes.

VSECU is a credit union for Vermonters, offering VGreen Unsecured Loans that can be used to purchase e-bikes.

Credit Unions

Local credit unions often provide consumer loans at lower rates than credit cards.

Burlington Electric Dept

Offers a $200 instant rebate and free CarShare Vermont's "Share-a-Little" membership for Burlington residents who purchase an e-bike at a Burlington bike retail shop.

If Green Mountain Power is your power company, they provide rebates for eligible customers who purchase e-bikes.


Vermont Public Power Supply Authority offers $100 rebate: E-bike and retrofit kit for VPPSA members who purchase their e-bikes at a Vermont store.

Commuter Incentives

Hypertherm pays for smart commuting. Employees who drive a carpool, walk, or bike will receive $5 a day and carpool passengers will get $2.50.


Know a company with commuter incentives for people who bike or e-bike? Let us know!

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